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Major surgery performed under awaken anaesthesia, for the first time, at District Hospital Kargil

A major surgery performed on 6th of December 2018, at District Hospital Kargil, on a 70 year old patient with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and Chronic Calcular Cholecystitis, who was operated with Epidural anaesthesia where upper abdominal Surgery was performed with the patient in complete state of consciousness but without feeling any pain.
Performing Major Surgeries under Epidural anaesthesia has the advantage that very high risk patients can be operated safely, like patients of chronic lung diseases, very old age patients with co-morbidities, chronic heart diseases. It also has the advantage of post-operative analgesia, hence patients do not feel any surgical pain after the surgery and during recovery.
With the advent of Epidural anaesthesia, now very high risk cases and very old patients can also undergo major surgeries at District Hospital Kargil.
Dr Mohd Asif, anaesthetist told that Epidural anaesthesia in elderly patients are challenging but keeps patient safe and in full conscious state during major abdominal surgeries, especially in difficult cases like COPD, very old patients with co-morbidities.
Dr Sajjad Hussain and Dr Mohd Abass, Consultant Surgeons, told that 4 such cases have been operated till now at District Hospital Kargil and such types of anesthesia are very helpful in elderly patients undergoing major surgeries.
Medical Superintendent, District Hospital Kargil congratulated the team of Surgeons and anaesthetist for another advancement in the field of surgery and anaesthesia and hoped that very high risk patients and elderly patients can now routinely undergo major surgeries in full conscious state during the surgery.He also congratulated the team for successfully performing surgery on a 3 month old baby with intestinal obstruction. The team is also routinely performing Laparoscopic surgeries at District Hospital Kargil.